The pre-purchase home inspection ?

If you are planning on buying a home or any other type of building, you should have it inspected by a professional inspector. The avoid any futur conflict or litigation, the property inspection should also interest the sellers, the homeowners, realty agents, the notary (attorney) and, of course, the lender.

Insist on being present during the inspection, so you can ask questions about any preoccupation you may have. If the inspector is too shy, find another one.

The object of the inspection is to "read the signs", because, most often, when there’s a major problem, there should be tell-tale clues.

The inspector should also indicate maintenance and any important work to be expected. The emphases should always be given on any corrective work concerning the health and safety of the future occupants.

The pre-purchase inspection is a visual examination of a building. That means that the inspection is not an exhaustive technical expertise.

For an average house, you should expect the inspection to last approximately 3 hours. Some inspectors write their reports as they go along, though I personally disagree with that because it is expeditive. How could you concentrate on the examination of the property while informing the client and writing your report at the same time ?


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